Update: Been a Long Time

I’ve been absentee for, what? Almost three months? … Yikes!

I want to say that I’m not going away. I’ve had chronic pain and fatigue for the past two years. The pain is in my entire torso and can get so bad, it’s hard to breathe. I had a bad bout for over a month not long after I finished ch 19. Even when I wasn’t in pain, I was so exhausted, I couldn’t write. On top of that, I’ve had chronic migraines for years. So bleh…

I just needed to get away from everything for awhile. I’m one of those types who will up and disappear on everyone then pop up again a little later. I get the urge and I follow; otherwise, I go crazy with this feeling of overwhelming pressure. I take some time to myself then I’m at peace again.

Oh. On the good news side of the coin, I also got a new job! It’s at a learning center that I worked at 8 years ago. That’s been keeping me busy, too.

Well, enough about me. What you really want to know is the status of the story. What’s happened to Corbin and what the hell is Matteo doing?!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer for those answers as I don’t see myself posting the next chapter until late June-early July  I’m not saying it can’t be before then (because it can). I kinda suck at pantsing, lol. At least, I don’t think a thriller should be shown to the world before it’s finished– which is what I attempted. There’s so much you want to go back and change and improve, but I can’t go back. In light of my frustration, I’m going to go ahead and finish writing Memory Games before posting the next chapter. This will give me the chance to ensure that the whole story connects. Sigh, there are some characters and plot pieces that were supposed to be in the story already, but aren’t and now I’m figuring out how to use what’s already in it to get to the conclusion without things seeming like they came out of nowhere. I’ve got ideas that I think will work, but I need to make sure they do. Finishing the story is the best way to be certain. That’s why I need a month, for the writing. I can get a lot more done if I’m not worried about taking pictures at the same time. Also, I’m a trillion years behind everyone’s blogs! :P Not saying I’m going to catch up on anyone’s, but I am going to read a few chapters of everyone I’m following. And I like to comment so you’ll probably be hearing from me on your blogs :)


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4 Responses to Update: Been a Long Time

  1. Yay! I am so glad you are back.
    I totally understand. I also have chronic migraines and last year I was diagnosed with RA after quite a while of not knowing exactly what was going on and why I couldn’t use my hands and why they hurt so much. So now that I am on the proper medicine I have mostly good days but a few bad.

    I also disappear and reappear. It’s the Aquarius in me. Lol I flitter in and out at whim. So I get it. My current story is a passion project and I haven’t posted in two months either! Though I have been working on it so I understand the break.

    It’s good idea to complete it before posting the chapters ans then worry about screenshots later. Especially for your type of story, that way as you say, you can make sure all the pieces fit and all the pertinent info is included.

    Congrats on the new job and welcome back and good luck in your writing!

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    • Sharae says:

      Thanks PenguinWings. It’s nice to know someone understands. While I know the pain sucks, it’s great that you got a diagnosis. Simply knowing what’s wrong and how to handle it takes so much pressure and worry off your mind. I still don’t know exactly what’s causing the pain. I hope to find out soon. Yes! Writing first is what I’m going to do from now on. I have another blog story I was going to do along side this one. I think you’re following it. I think you’re the only one, lol. Well, I wrote the first chapter, got all the pictures ready then realized I really wasn’t ready to begin a story when that was all that I have. There is no way I can keep up with on the fly writing for two stories when I can barely do one. If I can get half the story written then I’ll start pictures and publishing. You’re right. Pictures are a worry in themselves. The writing flow has to completely stop to take pictures (or to think about how something could be pictured) and it’s hard to get back into the rush of the story (for me). When I read what you said I realized that, lol 😀 Thanks for the congratulations. That was really sweet!


      • I tend to write the chapter or a few chapters. Then after I edit, I read the chapter an as I go through it I list the screenshots I need and detail in my notes how I want the screenshots to look/setup etc and if I need to tweak the story a bit to fit the vision I have in my head I do that. And then after it is written and edited I go in a different day with my list /details and set up my shots that way it is already written and I know how the scene plays out so the writing influences the shots and not the other way around. Of course if things need to be tweaked after in the story I do that. When I get all my screens either later that day or another day I add them to the written chapter ib the write spots. Then read over it with the images and use the images to add detail/change details or flow. I find often when I have the image I find even more adjectives and such to fully bring the story to life.

        I am very visual, I like writing, but I love the visual aspect quite a bit so in my way of telling the story my goal is to 1. Always have the words paint the picture as if I dont have the images to show. 2. Conversely have my screens rich in detail that way they can tell the story if they didn’t have the words.

        But again, that is my own personal writing style because I very much love setting the scene with my sims and decor and screenshots.
        Find what works for you. If the writing is your priority, which it seems to be then, I think the write first and finish first approach is best for you that way the thought screenshotting for your chapters doesn’t make you dread or put off writing it. :)
        And trust me, it is definitely hard to keep up with one story let aline many like I have. I just keep getting so many ideas lol.

        Also, I hope you fidn out what is causing your pain. I remember how difficult it was for me when we didnt know what was wrong. I understand the frustratiin. I just wanted to know that way we coyld figure out the path I need for recovery.
        Best wishes!

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  2. AtlasSims says:

    Welcome back!
    I’m sorry to hear about the chronic pain and migraines. Hopefully you’ll be able to find out the cause soon.
    I totally understand needing to take break for a while and I definitely don’t mind waiting a while for updates. Quality over quantity right? Or should it be quality over speed? :D


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